Clinic Licensure, Office Surgery Certificate, Accreditation Services , Compliance in Risk Management, Infection control practices training, Plan of Action and MOCK Surveys.

A Health Care Clinic is an entity that provides health care services and bills third party payors (i.e. Medicare, Medicaid, Private Insurance).
Included in the definition of a health care clinic is a Mobile Clinic (a movable or detached self-contained health care unit within or from which direct health care services are provided) FS 400.9905(6)
Also included in the definition of a health care clinic is a Portable Equipment Provider (an entity that contracts with or employs persons to provide portable equipment to multiple locations performing treatment or diagnostic testing of individuals) FS 400.9905(7)
There are certain instances which qualify for an exemption for licensure.

Our Consulting Services for Health  Care Clinics Include:

  • Start Ups: $4,000.00*
    • Application for License
    • Consulting regarding Regulations, Patient Files, Human Resource Files, Corporate Requirements, Quality Improvement.
    • Policies and Procedures / Forms
    • paid in 4 month period
  • Licensing/Provider Enrollment:
    • AHCA Licensing Application $1,000.00
    • AHCA Exemption Application $500.00
    • Medicare Application $1500.00
    • Medicaid Application $500.00
  • Accreditation $5,500.00
  • Regulatory Compliance Audits $120.00/hour
  • Corrective action plans
  • Hourly Consultation available $120.00/hour
Discount may be provided if combining services, please call 305-458-9895 or for a personalized consultation and quote.

Customized Accreditation Program Includes:

  • Ambulatory Surgical Centers, Office based surgical centers, HealthCare clinics, Prepaid Medical health plans (PHC and HMO)
  • Accreditation Application Submission
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Review of Policies and Procedures for compliance
  • Review of Clinical Files and provide modifications to the medical record based on the elements of performance.
  • Review of Human Resources Files
  • QAPI Program Review
  • On site Consultations on correcting deficiencies found
  • Submission of any required corrections  to accrediting body
  • Individual Post Survey Assessment
Cost of all of the above is approximately $10,000*
*Payments made over a eight month period
Consulting costs may vary depending on volume of company.
Please be aware that this cost does not include the fee of the accreditation company.

Our consulting services for Office Based Surgical Center 
Start up: $10,000.00
  • Application for Certification from the Dept of Health
  • CLIA waiver certiifcate
  • Consulting regarding Regulations, Patient Files, Human Resource Files, surgical requirements, QAPI meetings.
  • Policies and Procedures / Forms
  • Risk management program with Risk Manager quarterly visits for 1 year.

Site-specific Manual Preparation


Office Based Surgery Certifications

HIPAA Program

Comprehensive Emergency Management

Policy and Procedures Manual

Accreditation programs for Health Care Clinic

All Required Forms

Risk Management

Develop Structured Employment Files to Reduce Liability